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LEED Education

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LEED workshops are in-person, typically full-day, faculty-led educational programs that are aimed at preparing participants for a LEED professional credential and/or to participate in a meaningful way on LEED projects.

Participation in a LEED workshop may help a LEED professional credential candidate fulfill the prerequisites of credential application.

LEED workshops may offer continuing education hours for professional credentials such as GBCI/LEED and AIA.

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Webinar Showings

Webinar showings allow the Chapter to deliver up-to-date green building and LEED-related education using the U.S. Green Building Council’s catalog of high-quality recorded webinars.  Webinar showings are in-person programs that include an introduction, webinar showing and discussion period.  All webinars offer program participants continuing education hours for professional credentials including LEED/GBCI, AIA and more.  Further, all of the webinars offer GBCI-approved hours and some offer LEED-specific hours.

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Study Groups

STUDY-GROUPS-3 copyLEED study groups are organized and facilitated by the Chapter’s Emerging Professionals Committee.  The goal of the LEED study groups is to assemble a group of LEED professional credential candidates to study together, share real-world, first-hand experience with LEED concepts, and encourage one another during the credential/exam preparation process.  Study groups are held for the Green Associate credential as well as the LEED AP with Specialty credentials.

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CMP Information Sessions

As of January 2011, there are nearly 150 LEED Accredited Professionals in Maine who are enrolled in the LEED Credentialing Maintenance Program.  Over 320 more are eligible to opt-in to the new LEED credentialing system at any time.  Countless other Mainers will become LEED Accredited Professionals in the coming years to become recognized as leaders in the fast-growing green building industry.  They, too, will be required to maintain their credentials.

Credential maintenance is the continuing education completed by LEED Professionals to maintain current knowledge of green building practices and LEED. Credential maintenance requirements ensure the LEED Professional Credentials maintain their relevance and significance in a constantly evolving industry.

The Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) is designed to help LEED Professionals grow their knowledge base, stay current with best practices, and show clients and employers that their expertise is meaningful in a rapidly transforming and ever-demanding marketplace.

The USGBC Maine Chapter wants to help you succeed in maintaining your LEED credential!   LEED Credential Maintenance Information Sessions are provided at a regular basis (typically in advance of or following a webinar-based program) to provide up-to-date information on the program, answer your CMP-related questions and provide you with useful resources and tools.

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